Oct 10

Man with smelly armpitsI came across these, and mostly the made me laugh! I’m really not sure who could be bothered to grate and strain turnips to make a pleasant underarm deodorant! Anyway, here they are!…

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Oct 07

OK here it is!! The cure for body odor.

  • The cure they didn’t want you to know about!
  • Simple and quick
  • Effective
  • Very cheap
  • Money back if not fully satisfied

The cure they didn’t want you to know about!

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 The Cure for Body Odor


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Oct 05

..but maybe you already now it because you are reading this!

For me, it was an embaressment. I used to be followed round by “this smell”, I wasn’t aware of it every day, but sometimes it would just hit me – usually when I was out somewhere; either at work or going out for drinks. (I dont know about you but I find it very hard to spend an evening with my arms down by my side, so that I didn’t let the smell “escape”)

OK I admit, nobody ever said anything to me, (but then, they were probably to embaressed too!) – but I would find myself keeping away from people and I have no doubt at all that it affected my social life and my confidence in meeeting people – maybe even my career!

I tried all sorts of things to rid myself of this plague! It wasn’t as if I was unclean. I showered every day, and I used to scrub my armpits raw trying in vain to rid myself of this curse. On one occasion I even shaved my armpits, thinking that this would take away the smell. It didn’t!

…But one day by chance I came upon solution that actually worked. I was amazed! It wasnt difficult, or expensive, or time consuming! I was stunned.

I am willing to share this with you because I believe that the deodorant manufacturers don’t want you to know! It reminds me of the everlasting lightbulb or the car that runs on water.. There is too much big business at stake. Unfortunately, its the likes of you and me that have to keep paying for next to useless products, whilst the answer is simple – and within reach (if you pardon the pun!)

I was stunned at first. I couldn’t believe it was so simple. I was amazed! no more BO !! The smell was simply gone!!! and that was after only a single day. There was no prescriptions to worry about, no pain, no complicated mixtures or processes, or applications. and best of all it only took literally a few seconds!

My life has changed, and I never have to worry about body odour again! I can now go out without worrying!

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Aug 20

Firstly, we all have it! its just that on some people its more noticable than others. On some people its a problem and many find that whatever they do they can’t get rid of “that” smell. Its worth noting that odour is completely natural and is caused by bacteria, yet its seen (and smelt) by many as being bad or offensive.

If you suffer from body odor, I hope this resource will allow you to find out more, and give you some clues as to what remedies work and what don’t.

Feel free to post comments, advice, ideas and feedback.

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